Special Projects & Solutions

//Special Projects & Solutions

Special Projects & Solutions

Our company provides different solutions for different type of production, crop, climate and special difficuties. With this system it is possible to create an ideal climate all year round.

BG Air:

BG Air concept integrates the latest technical innovations in various fields. Ideal temperature and relative humidity are combined with lower energy consumption and a reduced general risk of disease occurrence.

With this concept we can provide these important benefits:

  • Better climate control
  • Better cooling down and heating up
  • High light level
  • Dehumidifying or humidifying
  • Ideal CO2 level control
  • Additional benefits

F-Clean innovative poly cover:

A thin ETFE film, F-Clean Greenhouse Film is the preferred covering material for horticultural greenhouses as it lets in more light than glass, PE film, polycarbonate and PMMA sheets. By allowing maximum UV light transmission (up to 94%), F-Clean ensures earlier harvest of better quality fruit and vegetables and more colourful flowers. Low surface energy gives F-Clean film non-stick and self-cleaning properties so greenhouses remain clean naturally with rain or snow. And snow will automatically slide off, saving the cost of labor-intensive and expensive snow removal. No condensation will ever fall onto plants as F-Clean has excellent anti-dripping properties.

Advantages of F-Clean film:

  • Excellent light transmission up to 94%
  • Anti-adhesion/Easy-cleaning
  • Improves crop quality by UV light transmission
  • Excellent durability due to minimal effect of ageing on tensile strength – over 30 years’ service life
  • Less structural elements (steel) are required thanks to the lightweight properties of the film, so more sun can enter the greenhouse
  • F-Clean diffused grade eliminates shadows and enables more photosynthesis in every leaf
  • Stable at high and low temperatures (-100ºC to 200ºC)
  • A double layer F-Clean roof saves over 30% energy compared to a single layer glass roof
  • No breaking/splintering, high resistivity against tear propagation
  • Anti-dripping characteristics prevents condensation droplets from dripping down
  • Non-flammable material certified B1 in DIN4202 part 1
  • Improved light transmission at all angles of incidence compared to other covering materials
  • Damage can be repaired easily with F-Clean repair tape
  • Same ETFE technology is used for prestigious architectural projects
  • On request any size can be produced, however standard sizes are the widths 2.35m and 1.6m

Renewable energy:

BG Global engineers develop and supply different energy solutions with renewable energy:

  • Geothermal energy systems
  • Solar energy systems
  • Wind power systems

Different solutions:

BG Global experts determine different needs for some special crops and climate conditions. They keep on working for creating ideal conditions inside the greenhouse. Here is some of our solutions:

  • Cabrio roof systems
  • Widespan projects
  • Garden centres
  • Other projects
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