Greenhouse Structure

//Greenhouse Structure

Greenhouse Structures

Greenhouse structure is to be calculated and projected due to climatic conditions, cultivation crop and method, the Customer’s specific needs and local rules and specifications. Our company can supply different types of glass and plastic covered structures.

Venlo greenhouse – glass cover:

The Venlo greenhouse has been the most important type of greenhouse in international greenhouse horticulture from way back. As a result of continual improvement a greenhouse has been developed that is suitable for a multitude of types of cultivation and production conditions. It is an important type of greenhouse for our company.

Gothic type aluminium roof greenhouse – plastic cover:

New solution for the plastic greenhouses. From foundation to insect netting, all elements have been carefully optimized and redesigned towards the most ideal growing environment. These solutions are an optimum integration of all the advantages of the traditional glass greenhouse. All the construction elements and members have been fully TNO tested for the various required loading factors and with the application of aluminum gutters, condensation issues have been entirely eliminated. With a minimum number of connection points, this type of greenhouse can be rapidly and efficiently erected, almost anywhere in the world. Span sizes are available with wide of 8.00 / 9.60 and 12.00 m.

Gothic type greenhouse – plastic cover:

The Gothic type greenhouse is the most effective type of greenhouse with plastic due to good roof angle, that helps to prevent the condensation water drip problems. As a result type of greenhouse structure has been developed in most Mediterranean countries as there is no problems with the solar activity. The most important span sizes currently used in practice are 8.00 and 9.60 m

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